HQS was the brainchild of four hunters with various skills but one common passion - hunting and nature.


Based on their strengths in weapons design, material knowledge and machining, they decided to create suppressors that, first and foremost, performed and that they loved to use.


Their fellow hunters loved the HQS suppressors and were interested in having one. Hence the HQS Team decided to make them available for others and soon became very popular for their astounding sound suppression and their error-free accuracy.


The range covers all the needs a hunter may have, from Hunter and Slim for the classical hunting calibres to the Special family covering all Magnum calibres.


The Impact suppressor is suitable for front barrel mounts and semi-automatic weapons, and Special Impact for maximum suppression of 41 dB and above.


Last but not least, HQS RF is designed explicitly for Rimfire rifles.


"May your bullets fly true! "

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