Aimpoint AB is a Swedish manufacturer of the world’s best red dot sights. They have built a reputation for out-and-out reliability in their full product line; in their words - “trust”.


Aimpoint products are infamous for their dependability in those fractions of seconds when your sight must work, whatever the situation. 


The most recognisable products being the conventionally styled red dots such as the Acro C-2, Micro H-2 and Comp C3 - ideal for everything from 22 rimfires all the way to full power centrefire rifles. Aimpoint also offer the 9000 and hunter range, for shooters that prefer the footprint of a more traditionally styled optic but keeping the benefits of 21st century technology. 


When battery life is measured in years, not months, you know that you are onto a winner. Coming with a 10-year warranty, trusting in an aimpoint will be one of the best decisions you could make for your shooting. Join the Aimpoint club - you won’t regret it. 


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