Aimpoint 9000SC Red Dot Reflex Sight

Aimpoint 9000SC 4 MOA Red Dot Reflex Sight

Experience a revolutionary approach to target acquisition with the Aimpoint 9000SC™ Red Dot Reflex Sight.

Engineered for the demanding sportsman and competitive shooter, this is your perfect companion for both short and long-action rifles.

Key Features

Precision Red Dot:

The  Minute of Angle (MOA) red dot offers a precise point of aim, allowing for quick target acquisition and enhanced accuracy.

Robust Construction:

Built with ruggedness in mind, the 9000SC™ is designed to withstand severe weather conditions, heavy recoil, and unexpected impacts.

Long Battery Life:

With an impressive battery life, you'll have a continuous operation on a single battery for years, ensuring the sight is always ready when you are.

Multiple Mounting Options:

Its versatile design fits short and long-action rifles, making it adaptable to various shooting scenarios.

User-Friendly Interface:

Easy-to-access control settings allow quick brightness adjustments to suit varied lighting conditions and preferences.


Benefits & Advantages

Speed: The red dot allows shooters to rapidly engage targets without aligning traditional iron sights or focusing on a reticle.

Versatility: Whether you're on a hunting expedition, practising at the range, or in a competitive shooting scenario, the 9000SC™ caters to all.

Durability: Experience peace of mind knowing that your reflex sight is built to last, no matter the challenges you throw its way.

Consistent Performance: Its dependable operation ensures a consistent shooting experience every time.

Specifications Dot Size: 2 or 4 MOA

Optical Magnification: 1x

Battery Type: Lithium or Alkaline

Operation Time: Up to 5 years on a single battery

Weight: 206 g (7.3 oz)

Waterproof: Yes

In the Box

  • Aimpoint 9000SC™ Red Dot Reflex Sight
  • Lens covers
  • Battery Mounting equipment
  • User manual

Elevate your shooting experience with the Aimpoint 9000SC™ Red Dot Reflex Sight. Combining precision, versatility, and unparalleled durability, it sets the benchmark for what a reflex sight should be. Order yours today and redefine your shooting potential!



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