The History Behind Hornady

The History Behind Hornady

Posted by Edgar Brothers on 9th Dec 2022

“Ten bullets through one hole” that’s the mantra that brought Joyce Hornady from a marksmanship instructor to the creator of some of the top bullets available today.

His idea of producing bullets for reloaders was first thought far-fetched. But his innovative thinking created one of the top ammunition-producing companies, and the company continues to be one of the most innovative in the market today.

Here, we dive into the history of Hornady and look at what the company has become today.

The History of Hornady Manufacturing Company

Joyce Hornady founded the Hornady Company in a rented garage in Grand Island in 1949. It was after World War 2 America was resettling back into a time of peace, and the economy was picking up. People were beginning to lead normal lives again, and for many, this meant spending time out at the shooting range or hunting.

At this time, hunters and shooters were still using surplus military rounds as ammunition; however, these were not known for their effectiveness. As an avid hunter and pistol shooter himself, Joyce had found himself wondering how he could improve the current ammunition. He wanted to create accurate, deadly, dependable and reloadable bullets.

The first bullet he created, a .30-caliber 150-grain Spire Point, was made using a surplus bullet assembly press. It remains one of Hornady’s most popular bullets today.

However, Joyce had started creating bullets even before this. He first went into partnership with Vernon Speer, and together they converted spent .22 rimfire cases into bullet jackets and then into bullets. However, the partnership dissolved, and Vernon went on to create his own business, Speer Ammunition.

Who owns Hornady Manufacturing?

The Hornady Manufacturing Company has been run by Joyce Hornady’s son, Steve, since 1981, when Joyce passed away in a plane crash. Today, Steve’s son, Jason Hornady, is the company’s Vice President.

Where are Hornady products manufactured?

Hornady continues to manufacture its ammunition products in the same town it was founded in, Grand Island, Nebraska. Apart from ammunition cartridges, the company also produces ammunition compartments and handloading equipment.

What products does Hornaday specialise in?

Hornady produces a variety of shooting and security-related products; however, it’s best known for its production of ammunition cartridges, components and handloading equipment. Hornady also manufactures ammunition specifically designed to serve law enforcement and military professionals. 

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