Tactical and Military Clothing: Unveiling the Key Differences and Best Brands

Posted by Edgar Brothers on 23rd May 2023

What is Military Clothing?

Tactical clothing is the epitome of practicality and adaptability. It is designed to meet the dynamic demands of various high-pressure situations, ensuring that the wearer is equipped with functional features and enhanced mobility. Ranging from cargo trousers with ample pockets to combat shirts with reinforced elbow pads, tactical clothing provides wearers with the edge they need during intense activities such as outdoor adventures, and tactical training exercises.

What is Military Clothing?

Military clothing, on the other hand, is specifically designed for members of the armed forces. It encompasses a wide array of uniforms, protective gear, and accessories that cater to the rigorous demands of military operations. From camouflage patterns that aid in concealment to flame-resistant materials that offer optimal protection, military clothing is engineered to withstand the harshest of conditions.

What's the difference between Tactical Clothing and Military Clothing?

Although tactical and military clothing share some similarities, there are distinct differences that set them apart. While tactical clothing is primarily designed for civilians engaging in various activities, military clothing is intended solely for active-duty personnel. Tactical garments often offer a wider range of colour and style options, allowing individuals to blend practicality with personal preferences. Conversely, military clothing adheres to strict regulations and is typically standardised to ensure uniformity among service members. However, both categories prioritise functionality, durability, and optimal performance in demanding environments.

Why Do People Wear Tactical Clothing?

The allure of tactical clothing lies in its ability to empower outdoor enthusiasts with the tools they need to navigate challenging outdoor scenarios. The versatility of these garments enables wearers to be prepared for a range of activities, promoting confidence and peace of mind.

Can Civilians Wear Military Clothing?

While military clothing is primarily reserved for active-duty personnel, civilians can indeed acquire certain military-inspired apparel. However, it's crucial to respect the symbolic value and heritage associated with military uniforms. Opting for civilian-friendly tactical clothing that incorporates military elements can be a respectful way to embrace the style and functionality without overstepping boundaries.

Which Tactical Clothing Brands are Best?

Here at Edgar Brothers, we’ve spent more than seventy years developing relationships with some of the world’s leading tactical clothing brands. Some of the top brands we carry include:

1) Salomon Forces - Salomon Forces is renowned for delivering unparalleled comfort, durability and performance; and it is through this, that the brand remains at the cutting edge of tactical clothing manufacture.

2) Arc’Teryx - Arc’Teryx are the epitome of tactical clothing excellence. Unrivaled craftsmanship and a focus on uncompromising performance and durability are just two of the reasons why the brand is trusted by outdoor enthusiasts across the world.

3) Eberlestock - Eberlestock delivers tactical clothing that stands up to the harshest terrains and conditions. The brand’s unwavering focus on market leading durability has led them to become one of the ‘go-to’ brands over the last decade.

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