ThermTec Vidar 360

ThermTec Vidar 360

The combination of cutting-edge design and the latest technology in the field of thermal imaging mini scope.

AI Rangefinder

• The AI rangefinder with ballistic calculator realizes a long range targets detection and accurate shooting.

Lightweigh & Compact

• The compact dimension makes it a light and handy companion wherever you go.

Dual-Field of View with 3x Optical Zoom

• A wide FOV with a focal length of 20mm can be used for detection.

• A narrow FOV with a focal length of 60mm can be used for identification.

Automatic Zeroing

• The automatic zeroing function makes it simple to adjust the reticle and take a shot.

Non-Uniformity Correction Technology

• Designed with NUC technology- supports consistent view for shooting, making it more reliable as no shutter is locked during shooting with minimized noise.

Highly Sensitive Detector

• Thermal imaging sensor with NETD <25mK and 12μm detector ensures flawless detail recognition.

Long Detection Range

Maximum 60mm objective lens and advanced algorithm boast exceptional detection range of up to 6667 meters in complete darkness.

64G Storage

• 64GB storage card enables large storage of images and videos

High Precision Zoom

• Continuous 1.0-5.0X HD zooming ensures excellent sharpness and the highest resolution of details from minimum to maximum magnification.

High Degree of Protection

• IP67 water-proof, dust-proof and fog-proof

Two-Way Wi-Fi Connection

• Support both Wi-Fi and hotspot connections

• Real-time image transmission

Automatic Object Detection

• The scope can detect and identify the target when an object entering its field of view to avoid any miss.