Kestrel 3500 Delta T Metre

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Kestrel 3500 Delta T Metre

The Kestrel 3500DT Pocket Weather Meter comes packed with function. With a single hand-held device you can monitor Delta T; barometric pressure (trends up to 3 hours); altitude; relative humidity; dewpoint; wet bulb temperature; air, water, and snow temperature; and current, average, and maximum wind speed.

The 3500DT is individually calibrated and features a backlit screen, patented impeller and sensor technology, quick-response external temperature sensor, and temperature-controlled humidity sensor.

The rugged design features a protective cover with sure-grip overmolding, is fully waterproof and floats (IP-67), and is drop-tested to MIL-STD-810F standards. It's also made for easy maintenance - no tools are required and the impeller is user-replaceable.

Use the 3500DT to monitor wind speed to stay within the regulations of your locale and avoid drift when spraying. Reduce the costly evaporation that can occur in hot, dry weather, sending expensive chemicals uselessly into the air rather than onto your crops, by choosing an appropriate nozzle and droplet size for conditions. And in addition to spraying, the 3500DT also allows farmers to keep an eye on current and developing environmental conditions to determine the best time to harvest and to maximize yield and crop quality.

Livestock owners can also measure the conditions that matter most – right where your stock are experiencing them – with a Kestrel 3500DT. Proper ventilation, temperature and humidity control of livestock facilities can reduce disease and prevent stock loss as well as improve rate of gain and feed-conversion efficiency.

Coin cell battery and lanyard included.

The Kestrel 3500DT is proudly designed and manufactured in the USA, and is backed by a 5-year warranty.


  • Measures Wind Speed, Max Gust Speed, Avg. Wind Speed
  • Temperature, Wind Chill, Relative Humidity
  • Altitude Heat Stress Index and Dewpoint Temp
  • Pressure Trend, Baro Pressure, Wet Bulb Temp
  • Waterproof and Floats