Zoli Z-Vintage


This new line represents Antonio Zoli’s reinterpretation of the timeless appeal of Colour Case Hardening.
Created using a complex heat treatment, this unique finishing has always been considered a classic feature of fine and traditional shotguns. The new Zoli VINTAGE is the perfect example of this association, fully respectful of traditions, but with the door open to the future and the improvements brought with it.

Starting from the very name, the VINTAGE line evokes an age of plenty, beauty and good taste, and becomes the tribute to our long and captivating history.

The journey to bring such beauty and class back from the past has brought about moments of great and rare surprise, uncovered emotions as powerful as the combinations of colours, with hues and accents of golds coming to life on each one of our creations. Each one is unique and no two are the same.

Every gun in the Vintage line comes with a gold border hand cut by the world renown Master Engravers of Creative Art. The action bottom panel features the ZOLI Coat of Arms in gold. Only the model Z-Bella Vintage comes with the name “Bella” in gold on the bottom panel, and Swarovski Crystals on three sides.

Every gun in the Vintage line is available in either a competition or field configuration.



  • Monolithic frame w/ Tradition colour case hardening
  • Detachable trigger group w/ titanium coated components
  • Single or Selective trigger
  • Ejector
  • Hand finished engraving
  • Trap & Sporting stock and fore-end options
  • Multi or Fix choke