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Zoli XL-Firenze

XL EVO Firenze

Invigorated by the incredible commercial success of the innovative range of XL-EVO models, at ZOLI we have decided to further enhance this line of products by dedicating three engravings to it. The result is the offering of three new versions, all designed and executed by our in-House Studio Zeta:

• The XL EVO Lux featuring an elegant and refined engraving in the purest English style. The Z logo is engraved on all three sides of the action

• The XL EVO Firenze featuring deep relief engraving with acanthusleaves. The Z logo is engraved on all three sides of the action.

• The XLS Firenze with long side plates also featuring deep relief engraving with acanthus leaves next to a banner with the Antonio Zoli name engraved in it.

Like the other models in the XL Evo range, the XL Evo Lux and XL Evo Firenze come with a second set of heavy plates. The side plates can be swapped by the shooter to find the best weight and/or balance configuration.

The XLS Firenze model comes only with long side plates.

Every gun is available in either a competition or field configuration.


  • Single or Selective trigger
  • Ejector
  • Multi or Fix Choke
  • Monolithic frame (based from XL-Evo design)
  • Detachable trigger group w/titanium coated components

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