Spyderco Meerkat FRN Blue V-Toku/ SUS410 Sprint Run

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Spyderco Meerkat FRN Blue V-Toku/ SUS410 Sprint Run

The Spyderco Meerkat is a diminutive yet extremely capable folding knife with a secret—its unusual Phantom Lock™ mechanism. Wholly hidden within the Meerkat's handle, this novel mechanism locks the blade securely open when in use. To close the blade, pivot the handle scales in opposite directions to release the lock.

To make this limited-edition Sprint Run expression of the Meerkat even more unique, it features a three-layer laminated blade with a V-Toku2 tool steel core flanked by SUS410 stainless steel outer layers. Japanese steel made with Swedish iron ore, V-Toku2's advanced alloy composition is enriched with tungsten, vanadium, and chromium and is renowned for its extreme toughness at high hardness. L

ike all Spyderco's Sprint Run models featuring this elite blade material, this knife showcases fibreglass-reinforced-nylon (FRN) handle scales injection moulded in the signature blue-grey colour of this select series.

A remarkable combination of unique lock technology and ultra-high-performance blade steel, the Meerkat V-Toku2 includes a reversible wire clip that supports ambidextrous tip-down carry.

Overall Length - 5.32" (135mm)

Blade Length - 2.01" (51mm)

Steel - V-Toku2

Closed Length - 3.38" (86mm)

Edge Length - 1.68" (43mm)

Weight - 2.4oz (68g)

Blade Thickness - 0.096" (2.4mm)

Handle - FRN

Clip Position - Ambi

Tip Carry Position - Tip-Down

Lock Type - Phantom Lock

Grind - Full-Flat

Sheath - N/A

Origin - Japan