Clever Mirage T4 Pro-Extra Evo

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Clever Mirage T4 Pro-Extra Evo

Clever found it hard to believe it could be possible to improve the PRO-EXTRA, but they succeeded.

They created an entirely new product: a shotshell with high speed and low recoil.

Pro-Extra Black Eagle - Evolution offers:

  • Unique lead shot with a high percentage of antimony, carbon/quartz processed, suitable for long distances (FITASC Sporting).
  • Cromoflex ® Wad with particular colouring, invisible to the environment, high-stress resistant.
  • Higher speed for both 24 and 28 grams, obtained without increasing the quantity of powder or tightening the crimp closures, but due to the new carbon/quartz lead shot, more spherical and 3% harder and heavier than standard lead shot, to keep high velocity over 35 m.


Gauge 12
Case 70
Head 22mm
Grams/ (oz) 24 (⅞) - 28 (1)
Lead Extra - Carbon/Quartz 5%
Shot Size 7 ½ - 8 - 8 ½ - 9 ½
Box 25 - 250

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