Zero Compromise Optic

Zero Compromise Optic Slim Line Mounts

Slim Line Ring Mount

The ZCO Slim-Line mount, featuring a 6 Mil pre-tilt, is expertly engineered for the professional installation of ZCO riflescopes. It stands out for its remarkable strength, achieved within a lightweight framework.

These mounts are produced in Austria, utilizing cutting-edge CNC milling machines for precision crafting. Made from EN AW-7075 aluminium and enhanced with an anodized coating, they offer durability and quality.

Included in the Slim Line mount is a levelling wedge designed to facilitate the horizontal alignment of the scope on the base effortlessly, eliminating the need for a feeler gauge or plumb bob.

A folding bubble level can also be conveniently attached to the mount, enhancing its functionality.



ZCO Mounts Instruction Manual   ZCO Slim Line Mono Mount -6MIL

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