INFORCE, a subsidiary of Emissive Energy Corp, specializes in producing high-performance lighting, weapon-mounted lights, and tactical accessories for military, law enforcement, and outdoor enthusiasts. Their product line includes a range of innovative lighting solutions designed to meet the demanding needs of professionals and enthusiasts in low-light environments.


The WML (Weapon Mounted Light) series, one of INFORCE's flagship products, is renowned for its powerful illumination and rugged construction. This compact, lightweight, and high-output lighting solution is specifically engineered for integration with firearms, providing users with a decisive advantage in low-light situations.


INFORCE's product range also includes handheld lights, such as the TFx series, which are designed for versatility and durability. These lights, equipped with multiple modes, ergonomic controls, and durable construction, are suitable for a wide range of applications including search and rescue, outdoor recreation, and professional use.

In addition to lighting products, INFORCE provides a selection of tactical accessories such as rail-mounted adapters, remote switches, and mount systems, all designed to complement their lighting solutions and enhance the overall user experience.


Overall, INFORCE products are characterized by their advanced technology, rugged design, and reliable performance, making them popular among professionals and enthusiasts who require high-quality lighting and tactical solutions for their missions and activities.

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