Hornady Custom Grade Dies

Hornady Custom Grade Dies - Full Length Sizing Die

Hornady Custom Grade Dies are a prominent choice among reloading enthusiasts, offering precision and reliability in creating custom ammunition. These dies are designed to meet the high standards of accuracy and consistency demanded by shooters and hunters who prefer to tailor their ammunition to specific needs.

Variety and Compatibility: Hornady's Custom Grade Dies come in a wide range of calibres, accommodating almost all standard rifle and handgun cartridges. This variety ensures compatibility with a diverse array of firearms, making them a versatile option for reloaders.

Construction and Material: These dies are crafted from high-quality steel, ensuring durability and longevity. The precision machining of these dies guarantees a perfect fit and consistent performance. The dies are treated with a smooth finish, reducing friction and wear during reloading.

Features and Innovation: The Zip Spindle design is one of the standout features of Hornady Custom Grade Dies. This design simplifies the process of adjusting the die and ensures a more precise alignment of the case and bullet. Another notable feature is the Elliptical Expander, which provides smooth case neck expansion, minimizing stress on the brass and extending its life.

Micrometre Adjustment: Certain models in the Custom Grade line come with a micrometre adjustment feature. This allows reloaders to make very fine adjustments, ensuring an unprecedented level of precision in bullet seating depth and crimping, crucial for achieving consistent ballistic performance.

Set Options and Accessories: Hornady offers these dies in various set configurations, including two-die sets for bottleneck cartridges and three-die sets for straight-wall cartridges. Additionally, these sets often include accessories like shell holders, storage boxes, and additional seating screws for different bullet types, enhancing their utility and value.

Quality Control and Precision: Hornady maintains strict quality control standards, ensuring that each die set meets their high standards of precision and performance. This attention to detail is evident in the consistency and accuracy of the ammunition reloaded with these dies.

Ease of Use and Maintenance: Custom-grade dies are designed for ease of use, catering to experienced and novice reloaders. The dies are easy to set up and adjust, and their maintenance is straightforward, requiring only regular cleaning and lubrication.

Customer Support and Warranty: Hornady backs their Custom Grade Dies with excellent customer support and a warranty. This commitment to customer satisfaction adds an extra layer of value to their products, ensuring users have the support they need to get the most out of their reloading experience.

In conclusion, Hornady Custom Grade Dies are a top-tier choice for those looking to reload their own ammunition. Their precision, durability, innovative features, and wide range of options make them a valuable tool for shooters seeking to optimize their shooting experience through custom-loaded ammunition.


Custom Grade Dies - includes:

  • Full-Length Sizing Die
  • Standard Seating Die
  • Taper Crimp/Seating Die
  • Standard Expanding Die
  • Straight Wall Sizing Die

Need to know what you need? Click HERE to take a look at Hornady's easy guide to which products you need.

Pricing from £65 per set, for more details, contact your local RFD