Foundation Stocks

When Foundation started to engineer and build their stocks, they wanted to create the most exact rifle stocks available. They drew on their experience within the tool & die industry and production manufacturing backgrounds to accomplish this. Foundation's team members have intimate knowledge of precision rifle manufacturing, bringing the same level of precision to their stocks that is put into the components that mate to them.

Foundation stocks are machined from a solid piece of composite, formed by combining layers of material and resin under intense heat and pressure. This method gives them several advantages over traditionally manufactured composite stocks – most notably their infamous 'vibrationally-dead' feeling when shooting them compared to a chassis, or traditional composite stock, boosting inherent accuracy to the next level!

The solid block of material provides a dense homogenous material absent from any voids or air pockets commonly found in traditional composite stocks. Their material's structure, density and stability allow Foundation to machine structural geometry into the stock to create a balanced stock while maintaining the highest levels of strength and rigidity. The resulting high compression strength of the material allows Foundation to build an action/DBM-specific stock that requires no bedding or pillars and is a natural vibration and recoil absorber.

The Foundation has a reputation for manufacturing some of the best aftermarket stocks in the world. Foundation stocks are the choice of some of the best shooters in the world, such as World Champion Austin Buschman, Austin Orgain and Clay Blackketter – join the foundation family and don't look back!  


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