Bix'n Andy

For hunters and shooting enthusiasts who demand the best performance from their firearms, Bix'n Andy is a name that cannot be ignored.


This renowned brand is known for its high-quality custom gunsmithing and trigger groups designed to maximize accuracy and precision. With a commitment to excellence, Bix'n Andy has earned a reputation as one of the top manufacturers of custom rifles and trigger groups in the European market.


In their custom rifle shop, except for screws, bolts and springs, all components of the rifles are made in-house from the finest raw materials. This quality has been highly appreciated by long-standing and new customers for 25 years, both in the sports and hunting sectors. 


From the idea to design, prototyping, manufacturing, parts production, assembly and control shooting, they are 100% carried out by them and adapted to customer-specific thoughts and wishes.


Bix'N Andy guarantees that all their products leave the production in perfect condition.


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