Founded in 1954 by George Rosenfeld and first named “Tanross Supply Company,” Tasco began as a hardware and fishing tackle supplier.


As the business expanded into binoculars and eyepieces, the “Tasco” name was adopted.


Today, Tasco offers telescopes and other optics such as spotting scopes, rangefinders, and binoculars,  with their mission to share the magic and joy of magnifying outdoor life experiences.



It never fails to draw you in closer – the moment when you raise a pair of binoculars to your eyes. In that instant, life is magnified clearly, as if just for you.


The curious bird that becomes instantly identifiable. The night sky that never looked the same after that night. The actual sweat running down the brow of a sports hero. The sun scattering light across a clear stream as you trace for signs of a Rainbow trout.


These are the moments of magic that Tasco delivers. Simple, pure and honest. And for another split-second, you’re struck by the quality of experience weighed against the value you’d previously placed on “just a pair of binoculars.”


Welcome to a world where “Seeing is Believing.”

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