IMR Powder

The IMR brand was first introduced in the 1930’s. IMR is an acronym for Improved Military Rifle.  The first IMR reloading powders included ever popular favourites IMR3031 (1934), IMR4064 (1935) and IMR4350 (1940), all still favourites with handloaders today!  The IMR series of handloading powders were the only choice to wring full performance out of rifle calibers.  For this reason, the IMR brand powders truly are Legendary products.

Time does not stand still and neither does the IMR brand, new technology has allowed improved versions of the traditional IMR burn speeds to be introduced.  These improved powders, identified by the “Enduron” sub-branding, offer improved temperature stability and an additive that removes copper bullet jacket fouling as you shoot.  The Enduron powders are the first to offer all these features at the same time.  The Enduron powder line continues to bring new burn rate offerings to the handloader.

Even in the early days, IMR focused on innovation – offering “any quantity of powder as good or better than any available”. Today, IMR is still focused on innovation.  Originally a line of rifle powders the IMR brand has been expanded to include powders for use in handgun, shotshell and muzzleloaders.  The IMR brand commitment to bring new and legendary powders to the handloader is a never-ending process. 
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